Mile High Water Talk

2015 on snow at mountains
We all can take more steps to use water wisely. This year, make a resolution to conserve with these five easy steps:

  1. Look at the upper right corner of your bill. See that chart? That’s how much water you’re using on average per day. Each person in an average single-family house should use roughly 40 gallons inside per day. Aim for that number, or better yet, shoot for less!
  2. Rethink your fixtures. Some people think their 10-year-old toilet is efficient, when it probably isn’t. You can save on your water and sewer bill by replacing your toilets with an ultra-high-efficiency model. And as an added bonus, get a rebate for up to $150.
  3. Make a plan to modify part of your landscape. Winter is the perfect time to outline changes for your outside living area. Maybe your landscape could benefit from an efficient drip system, or maybe part of…

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