Golden Eagle Cabinet Shop

Adventure of Restoration

I decided to work from the bottom, up. After all, one needs to have something stable to set the top section on while working on it.

First, I restored the feet. The back foot was largely rotted off.

Back foot

This is the original 2 piece foot found in a drawer.

It was made up of two back boards nailed to the frame, ending in a simple foot, backed up by an infill made up of 2 shop scrap pieces nailed together. For the restored foot to have full strength, the entire two back boards needed to be replaced. Providentially, I had on hand an amazingly similar board – old-growth poplar, same thickness, hand plane marks, and large enough to replace the two boards.

Even a slight bow was identical. I let the original edge be the one that shows, and also used antique hand-wrought nails from my supplies…

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