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So, a quick post to provide people with something to read overnight and before the next assignment!

I am a member of the RSPB and they are currently running the Vote for Bob Campaign. Click here to go to the Campaign FAQs

Pretty exciting stuff, they’ve already got 81 MPs supporting Bob, but their target is 100 by the election.

As part of the campaign, people (not just RSPB members) are being asked to contact their local MP to ask them to support Bob. I did this for mine and I actually got a hand signed letter back from him this afternoon! (I did get very excited about the posh House of Commons envelope, I’ll admit it.)

James gray Letter

Ok, so he hasn’t actually signed up to Bob’s campaign yet (Yep, you can check if your MP already has on the website here), but I think his letter warrants a reply and a reminder then that we want individual…

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