The Wandering Muse

On a rainy Saturday I woke up early and headed for the Starbucks down the road on E. Market Street. I ran inside from the pouring rain to find the line wrapped around the store. I contemplated jumping ship to the Dunkin Donuts across the street, but was determined to try the new Chestnut Praline holiday flavor, aside from which I have a holiday coffee sticker I need to get-I’m sooo close to a free grande! I wait patiently for 30 minutes only to find out that Chestnut Praline has sold out, so I switch to Peppermint Mocha which I feel will provide a nice wake up and jolly holiday feel. I commence waiting an additional 15 minutes, patiently watching the rain roll down the windows while tearing off pieces of my buttered croissant and sipping on my TreeTop Organic apple juice like a toddler and of course scrolling through…

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