Debbie Tann

At a time when nature is under greater threat than ever, our need for it has never been more important.

As an ecologist, I’ve been immersed in the nature conservation world for more than 20 years.  For me, the importance of nature is paramount and obvious, but it is easy to forget just how unimportant and irrelevant nature is (apparently) to most people compared to issues such as the economy.

However, things are changing.  Last year’s floods, the obesity crisis, increasing awareness of mental health issues, concerns about food security and animal welfare, and the impact of climate change are now mainstream issues – and every one of these has an important link with the nature conservation agenda.

The economic and social costs of climate change, environmental pollution and biodiversity loss will be (and are already) significant.  Climate change could cost the equivalent of losing 5% of GDP each year…

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