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Cliff Blunbdell Sustainable LegacyThere are endless places to find inspiration for your conservation project. However, finding a truly knowledgeable source is a rare bit of luck. Sustainable Legacy, Cliff Blundell’s latest restoration guide for old homes across Wales and the UK, is our new favourite and highly reliable source of information for all active restorers and budding enthusiasts. Cliff is a director of The Lime Company of West Wales (TLC), based here in Cardigan. Through personal and professional experience he has built stores of knowledge about the conservation and maintenance of traditional Welsh vernacular buildings, and he lays out the basic principles of his knowledge in this latest publication from TLC Press.

Around one third of the current housing stock in Wales has existed since at least 1919, before which time all buildings were constructed with solid walls. Cliff explains how over the past century of cavity wall construction we have lost the…

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