Yummy Yummy Baby!

2015-01-20 10.07.30Welcome back Amigos! I have a question for you, how much water do you and your kids ACTUALLY drink?  As a child, I primarily drank Tea, Kool-Aid and occasional Water.  I do remember adults occasionally stating the importance of water, but I didn’t take it seriously, nor did I understand how to make it a priority. Screenshot_2015-01-20-09-32-34 Today, Nephrologists (Kidney Doctors), report that more than ever, there is a high demand for Pediatric Nephrologists (Kidney Doctor for Kids).  This is due to kids being diagnosed with PAINFUL Kidney & Urinary Stones, which are often caused by a lack of water and junk food! Today, kids have so many drink choices, why should kids drink boring old water?

  • Every system in our body depends on water & helps kids thrive!
  • Water helps the brain function and will help detox their kidneys, liver and other vital organs.
  • Water carries nutrients to children’s cells…

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