Inspiring Creativity

Part of being creative is being quiet. Not to say that creativity cannot be loud: it can. However, most creative individuals claim that creativity does not begin from the loud moments– not at first. Especially for those seeking to become creative, the first step should be to quiet the noise, and to notice the little things in the world that truly inspire.
Inspiration can be loud, large, and furious. But often it’s just a whisper.

(c) Hannah Renee Johnson 2015-- all rights reserved. contact for permissions. (c) Hannah Renee Johnson 2015– all rights reserved. contact for permissions.

Creativity comes alive in the often unnoticed moments. It’s when the steam rises from the cup of tea in little swirls and wafts. It’s when the rain falls fresh on new roses. It’s the flecks inside the light beam soaring through the window.

Notice the little things. Little things make the world alive.

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